Learn from customer conversations at scale.

LaunchBoard collects your customer conversations & research and automatically extracts actionable insights about your customers needs and problems.

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Qualitative data AI
for better product decisions.

Tap into the potential of your unstructured qualitative data. LaunchBoard identifies patterns in customer conversations from multiple sources, for unprecedented insight into what product decisions will maximize growth.

Start with everything in one place

Aggregate your sales and support calls, and connect customer support systems, sales tools, surveys, app reviews, NPS surveys. We transcribe your audio, and give you one centralized place to work with your data.

launchboard integrations
launchboard integrations

Prioritize for growth

LaunchBoard identifies high value pain points from sales opportunities and conversations with existing customers - accounting for frequency, MRR, trends and more.

Reduce churn

LaunchBoard finds patterns in interactions with recently churned customers, correlates specific functionality with churn, and makes data-driven improvement recommendations.

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Filter signal from noise

Sifting through qualitative data is time consuming. Effortlessly watch how trends in your conversations develop over time, how they compare across customer segments. Dig deeper into the qualitative data when themes hit critical mass.

Unrivalled research capability

LaunchBoard gives you unprecedented search of past sales calls, in-app chat and much more. Filter by customer segment, keywords, tags, sources, sentiment and more. When you’re ready to begin working on a new feature, organize and add new research under projects.

The feedback hub, reimagined

See feature requests and UX issues with a wealth of context. Compare related sales and support calls, survey insights, and much more. Organize feature requests around customer outcomes, and let the evidence automatically build up.

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